Take It From Me: Baby Nari Hip Hugger Review & GIVEAWAY (closed)

February 7, 2012

Baby Nari Hip Hugger Review & GIVEAWAY (closed)

Due to the unfulfillment of their aggreement and not working well with us, I have decided to pull the Baby Nari Hip Hugger review from our site.  We have found their company to be unreliable, dishonest, and therefore not something we feel comfortable promoting on our site.

We work with so many great companies and are happy to promote products that we find worthy.  We are so appreciative of the companies and their willingness to sponsor giveaways.  If winners do not receive their prizes, it is breaking the aggreement with have with the company.  Please feel free to email us if you ever do not receive your prizes, as we will do everything we can do to get them to you.

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