Take It From Me: Screenlife Games: Scene It? Games (Review)

January 26, 2012

Screenlife Games: Scene It? Games (Review)

"Screenlife is a premier game company transforming the way the world has fun through its socially interactive and immersive entertainment-based games and new online experience. Based in Seattle, WA, Screenlife is the world’s leading developer of DVD games, including Scene It?, the number-one selling DVD game worldwide."
Over the holidays I was given the lovely opportunity to review three of Screenlife's Scene It? Games. I had never played any of the games before and was very excited for this review. If you have never played the Scene It? DVD Games, they are board games that come with a DVD that is full of on-screen puzzles, images, clips and more from your favorite movies and tv shows. There are a ton of different games you can purchase, and they are all a lot of fun.
The first game we reviewed was Scene It? Disney Magical Moments. We played this game with a group of adults and kids and it was so much fun. There really isn't anything more magical then Disney, so this game brought back a lot of great memories. I did, however, realize that I am a little rusty on my Disney movies and need to brush up on them before I play next time!
The second Scene It? Game we reviewed was Scene It? Harry Potter™: The Complete Cinematic Journey. We are Harry Potter fans and had so much fun with this game. I was on the winning team and we were way ahead, but then we got stumped too many times and ended up losing. What I really enjoyed about this game was that there were equally hard questions and easy questions which made the game fun for both the kids and the adults. This is definitely a great game to own!
Lastly, since we reviewed these over the holidays, we received Scene It? Rudolph from the classis tv series Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer®. The objective of this game is to race to collect the Misfit Toys before Bumble and the Abominable Snowman do. You'll have a blast with all the fun mini-games!

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A big thank you to Screenlife Games for providing me with a copy of Scene It? Harry Potter™: The Complete Cinematic Journey, Scene It? Rudolph and Scene It? Disney Magical Moments to review. These are my honest opinions, your experience may vary.

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