Take It From Me: Say Anything REVIEW

December 16, 2011

Say Anything REVIEW

Looking for some adult fun over the holidays?  Check out Say Anything from North Star Games!
Say Anything is the hilarious party game that allows you to get to know your friends and family better through their responses to different questions.  I had the opportunity to try out the game with a few friends of ours and it was a blast!
To play, each person gets an answer board, dry erase pen, and 2 tokens.  (These are boards and tokens are color coded and have matching images-- like the purple high heel, blue car, etc.)  You then have one person take a Say Anything card and pick a question from the card to ask.  For example: If I could have a BIG anything.  What would it be?  Everyone else then uses their pens to write a response on their board.  Once they have done this, they put their response in the middle of the table. Some examples for the question above might be: 1. House, 2. Bank Account, 3. Kiss from your hubby, etc. When everyone's responses have been displayed, the person who asked the question then secretly picks their favorite answer using the "Select-O-Matic 5000" and places it face down on the table so nobody can see it.  Then, the other players use their tokens to select the answer they thing was the person's favorite.  They can do this by placing both tokens on a single answer or split the tokens on different answers.  The person who selected the answer then reveals their favorite response.  They get 1 point for each token placed on the selected favorite response and the other players get points for correctly selecting the answer with their tokens.  As a bonus, the person who wrote the answer gets a point as well.  After the round is up, play moves to the next person to select another card.  Everyone gets a certain amount of turns and then points are tallied to determine the winner of the game.
Say Anything is a really fun game!  It is super entertaining and seeing all of the different responses gets everyone laughing and talking!  The game is great for parties, gatherings, and for adding a little joy and excitement into your days!  The game is designed for 3-8 players over the age of 13.  Check out the demo video below:
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You can purchase Say Anything from Target, Toys-r-Us, Meijer, Barnes & Noble, Go the Game Store, and other retailers near you which you can locate by clicking HERE

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