Take It From Me: Kurt Warner's Football 101 for Kids, Pocket Edition FREE App!

October 6, 2011

Kurt Warner's Football 101 for Kids, Pocket Edition FREE App!

Hey, kids! Have you ever watched a football game and wondered what was really going on?

Former NFL and two-time MVP, Kurt Warner, and his animated football friend, Qubee, are ready to teach you all about football FUNdamentals with their new interactive guide that fits in your pocket! You'll find cool videos, verbal instructions and on-screen animations in each of the four quarters below:

• Read the Field – identifying features on a football field
• Who’s Who - recognizing each player's role & position
• First & Ten - understanding what is meant by downs
• Know the Score - finding out about touchdowns, extra points, field goals and more

Best of all, you can win up to four SILVER and four GOLD virtual trophies by answering questions in the exciting "Lightning Round" and new “Bonus Round” timed quizzes at the end of each quarter! But that’s not all - you can continue to answer the questions you missed earlier in the game – and once you get every question right, the big SUPER CHAMPION trophy is yours!

Don’t worry if you’re not a football expert or a rapid-fire reader yet - there are two levels of difficulty, one called “Rookie” and the other called “Pro” – and by the time you’ve filled your trophy room, you’ll know more about football than most kids do!

C'mon and challenge your friends! What do they know about football? Scores can be compiled for up to four players!

($2.99, free through January 1, 2012)

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