Take It From Me: Shadow in Serenity Book Review

September 30, 2011

Shadow in Serenity Book Review

Shadow In Serenity
By Terri Blackstock
352 Pages (Paperback)
Release Date: September 27, 2011
At the age of 17, Carny Sullivan broke free from the traveling carnival and scamming visitors with her dad, and moved to the safe town of Serenity, Texas. Now with a house of her own, a young son and a new life with people who love her, Carny is very protective of her new hometown. But Carny still knows a con artist when she sees one, and when charming, slick Logan Brisco arrives to dupe her town, she is determined to reveal his greedy intentions to all. Carny may be Brisco's biggest match.

Never having had a real family, Brisco becomes comfortable in the quaint, welcoming town, and the lure of the townspeople love may be just what he needs to change his criminal ways. Despite Carny's anger towards Brisco and her attempts to expose his scam to the townspeople, Carny learns the truth about the man behind that suave smile. It would take a miracle to change him, but she's seen that kind of redemption firsthand.
My thoughts: I found this book a little slow at first and hard to get into, but once it started rolling it was hard to stop. It is a very interesting and an extremely entertaining story. Something neat about this book is it is actually the last novel Terri Blackstock wrote for a different audience. She then rewrote it with a Christian message, which really caught my attention! Great book.

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