Take It From Me: Let Love Nourish Event

August 28, 2011

Let Love Nourish Event

In support of National Breastfeeding Month & Breastfeeding Awareness Week, me and a few other bloggers have decided to share our common support of breastfeeding through our Let Love Nourish Event!  In this event you can go to any of our blogs to hear personal experiences on breastfeeding, read about great breastfeeding products, and find all sorts of other resources on all things breastfeeding!!  So, in order to kick things off here on our blog, I wanted to share with you some of my wealth and knowledge on breastfeeding...
Making the Decision:
I knew that BEFORE I gave birth to my first child, I needed to decide whether or not I was going to breastfeed.  Making the decision to breastfeed was very easy for me.  I had heard and read about all the many benefits and was sure this was the right choice for me and my children.  I had many friends who breastfed their babies as well as some that did not.  As I started my own breastfeeding experiences with my first child, I quickly saw how deciding to breastfeed your baby and following through were two different things.  I had no idea of some of the struggles that I would go through while breastfeeding and how challenging it can be at times.  I could see how some of my friends could give up on trying to breastfeed, but I had decided that with so many great resources out there, I could conquer any issues I had and continue on.  That is why I believe that if you know what to expect when you go into it, breastfeeding can be such an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience for you and your children!!  It's free, it's natural, and it is SO beneficial!

Why "Breast is Best!":
Breastfeeding has so many great benefits that extend way beyond just the nutritional aspects!
Here are a few great perks that I happen to especially love about breastfeeding:
- It protects your baby from illnesses
- It provides a natural "medicine" for babies when they are ill
- It boosts your child's intelligence
- It lowers your baby's risk of SIDS & other diseases
- It helps reduce postpartum bleeding, stress, and some cancers in the mother
- It also helps women return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster

Breastfeeding Issues:
While many women have no issues at all during breastfeeding, there are times when certain challenges may arise. 
Things such as:
- Sore nipples
- Low milk supply or even oversupply of milk
- Engorgement
- Clogged or Plugged ducts
- Infections/ Mastitis
- Nipple issues (inverted or flat)
Tons of resources are available to help you deal with breastfeeding problems.  I suggest finding a lactation specialist or visiting the Le Leche League International website which is devoted to women who breastfeed.

My List of Top 10 Breastfeeding Products I Can't Live Without:
#1. Medela Nipple Shield
(for latching problems, nipple issues, pain, and small babies who have difficulty feeding)
It was these tiny little puppies that actually made breastfeeding possible for me.  Nipple issues can be frustrating, but the Medela Nipple Shields are super easy to use, don't hurt at all, and work great!

2. Lansinoh Lanolin
(for sore, dry, cracked nipples)
Applying this natural lanolin, especially when first starting to breastfeed, gives that perfect "much needed" relief to the tatas!
3. Boppy
(breastfeeding pillow)
Propping the baby up while breastfeeding takes the pressure your back!

4. Nursing Cover
Breastfeed anytime, anywhere!  I have several and when breastfeeding, I never leave the house without one!

5. Reuable/Washable Breast Pads
Be worry-free about embarassing leakage and eco-friendly with washable, reusable breast pads!!

6. TheraPearl Nursing Buddy
(relief from breast pain)
Pop these babies on for 20 minutes to give your tatas some relief!  Then pop them back in the freezer for your next use.

7. Quality Nursing Bra
How easy it is to breastfeed when wearing a nursing bra!  I recommend finding a bra that has everything you want in it and splurging on it, if needs be.  A good quality nursing bra that holds up is definitely worth it!

8. Burp Cloths
Spit up, drool, and overflowing milk are all great reasons for a good burp cloth!  I love the thick ones with cute designs!

9. Breastfeeding Book
There are several books out there that are full of great information on breastfeeding.  I love reading books and am amazed at all the wonderful things to learn!

10. Breast Pump (optional)
If you plan on going to work, want to have your hubby help with nighttime feedings, or even just for on-the-go occasions, you might want to invest in a pump.  I have one that I use ever so often to help with engorgment issues and traveling.

Hope this info has helped!

Here is a list of all the blogs participating in the Let Love Nourish Event:
1. Just Another Hat (MAIN HOST)
2. Take It From Me (YAY!)

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