Take It From Me: Hydroval, a great solution for your skin problems!

August 20, 2011

Hydroval, a great solution for your skin problems!

Eczema is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting infants. It usually appears between second and fifth year and it is characterized by severe irritation that can envelop different areas of the skin. Because this problem appears at such an early age, it can affect infant in various ways. It has been discovered that children suffering from this problem are more like to develop mental conditions, affinity for alcohol and cigarettes; it can lead to obesity and heart problems. Even though this disease can be quite problematic on itself, it is quite concerning how it can affect child’s mental development.

Similarly to many other conditions, genetic factor plays a crucial role in development of this illness. Besides this, environmental factors such as food allergens, inhalation substances and cosmetic products can lead to irritation of the skin. It is also worth noting that increased level of pollution can negatively affect children. Like many other modern diseases, hygiene theory can be applied on this one as well. According to it, infants that are stuck at home, without proper exposure to foreign agents, are more likely to develop symptoms when they come of age. Of course, having in mind that this is a chronic disease, repeated exposure can only prolong the condition and bring about negative consequences for the child. You! Drugstore specialists believe that eczema is more likely to affect children that are lacking filaggrin. This is a crucial protein within the skin that protect child from foreign agents. Without it, substances are more likely to penetrate the organism thus creating negative response.

First step in treating any allergic disease is finding out what precisely causes it. It is necessary for child to perform adequate tests and to subject him to different allergens so that the doctor can establish what is causing the problem. Whatever may be the case, there are certain suggestions for parents that will help them protect their child. Infant should never be excessively dressed. Increased heat can additionally dry out the skin which can pose a problem. Also, it is important to avoid all cosmetic products that are drying the tissue. Have in mind that cotton clothes are much better than wool or synthetic materials.

Scientists still haven’t found a proper solution for eczema. It is a very tricky problem because it is usually caused by allergens in our midst. Even though child needs to be exposed to all these agents in order to develop immunity, we also need to protect it from them at the same time.

Even though we are unable to cure the illness, we can use drugs like Hydroval to remove symptoms of the disease. Hydroval is a corticosteroid which means that it can efficiently reduce inflammation. Together with inflammation, we are able to remove redness, itching, swelling and all associated problem. Thin layer of this cream should be applied on affected area. Some children may experience side effects after using this drug. Common issues are stinging and skin rash.

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