Take It From Me: Yanni In Concet Review

May 9, 2011

Yanni In Concet Review

Well a few weeks ago I actually got the chance to see him live in concert here in Utah. Since my husband and I just had our anniversary this past weekend, we made it an early celebration and wonderful date night for just the two of us! We ate a delicious dinner and then headed out to the concert.
Being recently introduced to Yanni through the Truth of Touch CD, I was very interested to see what the concert would be like. My husband had never really listened to Yanni’s music so I was also excited to see what he would think of everything. We got to the concert, sat in our seats, and got right into the show.

I have to say that Yanni is quite the character! He’s got such a contagious personality and interacts so well with the audience! He did such a wonderful job portraying his love of music and his inspirations each of the songs. Yanni kept saying that he could hear pretty much everything the audience members were saying during his breaks and when one woman asked “If dreams come true, does that mean I can get a kiss?,” the crowd laughed and clapped as Yanni laid down on the edge of the stage to grant her the wish.
Both my husband really liked the selection of various songs performed during the concert. There were some great upbeat “can’t help but move in your chair” songs and some soft “soul touching” ones as well. The great thing about seeing the concert live was that you got such a greater feel for the songs!
We also really liked how Yanni went the extra mile to spotlight his wonderful musicians!! Almost every single person was spotlighted as an individual with solos, introductions, and more! They were all amazing performers and so talented! I seriously couldn’t believe some of their solo performances!
All in all, we had a blast at the concert and would even go see it again! Both my husband and I are very impressed with Yanni and his musical skills!
Thanks to the One2One Network for the opportunity to see Yanni in Concert!

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  1. I absolutely ADORE Yanni and have for a number of years. He is a genius. His entire body/soul are evident in his music and are conveyed by how his body moves onstage as well (quite sexily I might add)....
    I am lucky to have been able to see him a few times, most recently was here in Detroit on March 27th. Our seats were unreal, the show was superb...we bought the CD that night (and a Yanni T-shirt and mug for ME)....
    Last night Yanni had a "first"...he was interviewed backstage in L.A. and he performed a song from his show...it was LIVE and was broadcast on UStream...there were 1800 of us from all over the country last night riveted to our computers....it was AMAZING!! YANNI IS AMAZING!


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