Take It From Me: Freebies and Deals for Thursday 5/11

May 11, 2011

Freebies and Deals for Thursday 5/11

 Today's Freebies and Deals are...
While on the search for some fun educational material for my daughter, I ran into a lot of great freebie sites! There are so many great educational tools available online, here are just a few I found!
 ABC Teach
Writing Tutor
This online tutoring program is really neat! Although it is not free, it is definitely a great deal, because your children get to work with some of the best tutors in the United States, not restricting your child to only local available tutors. Neat huh?

My little girl, Mya, would love if you would share some fun educational sites with her,  so feel free to leave a comment with some links!

Image credit: Funschool, Jacob's Lessons, ABC Teach, The Writing Faculty

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  1. Thanks Darlene for sharing these sites with us:

    Please feel free to share your favorite kids sites with us!


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