Take It From Me: Buzz Bee Toys Ultimate Blasters Water Guns Review

May 17, 2011

Buzz Bee Toys Ultimate Blasters Water Guns Review

By now, you probably recognize the Buzz Bee Toys name. I was thrilled to review the Buzz Bee Toys Air Blasters dart guns last November and the Buzz Bee Toys Fun Foam Shields and Swords in February.

My two boys (ages 5 and 7) continue to play with their Buzz Bee Toys all the time, and the quality is top notch! So I was excited to get the chance to review some new, innovative Ultimate Blasters water guns. I know it might still be a little cool for water guns where some of you live, but in Arizona we have already had several days close to 100 degrees. So my two boys were happy to go outside and test out these cool Ultimate Blasters!
Their unique design allows you to connect these water guns. This is a big advantage if you are trying to soak your opponent in a water fight, since it cuts down on the number of times you have to refill!
You or your kids may have already seen the TV commercials for these cool water guns.  If not, check out this quick demonstration of how they work!  (As seen on TV!)
Also, the Ultimate Renegade, the Ultimate Vanquisher, and the Ultimate Explorer have adjustable nozzle settings. My boys had a lot of fun changing their “blast” setting!
Here are some reasons I would recommend the Buzz Bee Toys Ultimate Blasters:
1. NO Batteries required—saves money and the hassle of having to buy batteries over and over.
2. Great for birthday presents—boys and girls of all ages enjoy water fights!
3. Promotes outside activity, while offering a fun way to cool off in the heat!
4. Available in five different sizes, ranging from an 8 oz water capacity to a 108 oz water capacity, so each child can choose one that fits him or her best.
5. Blast water up to 40 feet!
5. Refilling is made easy with extra large knobs on the water tanks, so kids of all ages can enjoy playing with them.
Don’t miss out on the innovative, affordable items that Buzz Bee Toys has to offer!

You can find Buzz Bee Toys Ultimate Blasters water guns at your favorite local retailers (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys'R'Us, and K-Mart).

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