Take It From Me: Baby Bash: Bright Starts Mobile Review

May 23, 2011

Baby Bash: Bright Starts Mobile Review

Bright Starts has fresh solutions for parents and babies with their amazing products that deliver convenience, value, and fun throughout each day!
Bright Starts has tons of wonderful activity centers, play gyms, bouncers, toys, and more to browse through. Their products guarantee a good time – for babies AND parents, which is why we knew we had to feature them as part of our Baby Bash Event!
Bright Starts graciously sent me their Dream Along Mobile for a review and I was so excited because we have never had a mobile before! The mobile is great because not only does it have great interacting aspects like engaging toys, motions, etc., but it is also very soothing with all of the musical melodies it has. It is perfect entertaining babies and helping to lull them to sleep.
The features include:
- 5 soothing melodies
- 2 fun characters & 2 spinning shapes captivate baby
- A large mirror for peek-a-boo fun
- A detachable base that can be used alone as a musical crib toy
After seeing the mobile in action and getting a feel for it, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with everything—especially for the affordable price it retails for! Many mobiles I have seen can cost quite a bit of money—upwards to $50 and $60. The affordable $24.99 price of this mobile and all of the great features it comes with makes it a very worthwhile purchase in my opinion.
Some things that I especially liked about the Bright Starts Dream Along Mobile were:
- How easy it was to attach to our crib. The mobile was designed to attach to practically every crib and not worrying about compatibility was great!
- Even without turning the mobile on, it is still entertaining. The colors, objects, etc. are very stimulating just by themselves.
- I thought the songs lasted a long time which was good for kids who have a hard time falling asleep quickly.
- The versatility of the mobile. I loved how you can detach the toys and just leave the base attached to the crib which plays all of the great music.
The only downside to the mobile is that I thought it was a little too loud. Even on the lesser volume control, it was still quite loud. However, if you put something small like a piece of cardboard or even some tape over the speaker hole, it makes the volume perfect. But like I said, for the price and all you are able to get from the mobile, I still think it is great!
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