Take It From Me: Baby Bash: Lifefactory Bottles Review

May 3, 2011

Baby Bash: Lifefactory Bottles Review

We all instantly fell in love with the baby bottle and it quickly became my son’s bottle of choice!
I knew I had to let everyone know about these awesome bottles for our Baby Bash Event and was so excited when Lifefactory sent me one of their 9 oz Baby Bottles in Pink for my baby girl.
Now some of you might be thinking that a glass baby bottle in the hands of a baby or young child sounds crazy, but trust me it isn’t! Lifefactory’s glass bottles are made from borosilicate glass which is thermal shock resistant and along with the outer silicone sleeve which also helps protect the bottle, these bottles are able to withstand the inevitable drops to come. The bottle I got has been dropped several times and there has been absolutely no harm of breakage!! The Lifefactory bottles are very durable!
Here are some other great perks that I absolutely LOVE about the baby bottles:
- The glass makes the bottles very healthy and free of chemical leaking.
- The brightly colored sleeves provide a great grip for little hands and tactile experience during feeding.
- You can easily wash the bottles because they are dishwasher safe and the sleeve doesn’t need to be taken off for cleaning.
- The unique borosilicate glass is so durable that the bottles can go from freezer or in boiling water.
- The silicone nipples on the bottles can also be exchanges with solid caps to grow with your child.
We are not compensated for our reviews. We receive product(s) for free so we can provide our experience. These are our honest opinions. Your experience may vary.  Thank you Lifefactory for providing me with a free baby bottle! 

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  1. How do they do with letting air flow to the baby?


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