Take It From Me: Ivory Homes

April 5, 2011

Ivory Homes

Are you familiar with Ivory Homes?  They are Utah's number 1 homebuilder and their houses are absolutely gorgeous!!
From Townhomes to Luxury Homes- they've got it all! 
Great prices, great service, and exceptional quality in my opinion!!
Ivory Homes was recently spotted as part of Jay Leno's famous "Headlines" when the super nearby Centerville, Utah Townhomes advertised that they were within walking distance to our local IN-N-OUT Burger!  Why that is bad, I have no idea, but obviously it made Jay laugh.  Being the fantastic company that they are, Ivory Homes actually turned this little fun into something even more because if you "Like" the Ivory Homes Facebook Page, you can go to their Wall Post about the event and comment underneath it and automatically be entered to win a $100 Gift Certificate to IN-N-OUT Burger courtesy of Ivory Homes themselves!! 
(Hurry the contest winner will be announced this Friday!)  

I was not compensated for this post.  These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. EVERY contact we have had with Ivory Homes has been dissappointing and frustrating. We feel we have been duped and lied to throughout the process - Ivory promising one thing and delivering another. The designer didn't know the correct exterior color of a model home, so our stucco and siding is the wrong color. Ivory is refusing to fix the problem. The tile in the master bath does not reflect the sample at the design center. The design center has a very poor selection of items - and everything is brown. You might as well build a spec home, or be prepared to spend 10's of thousands in upgrades. The architect was a complete jerk during our meeting. Our loan officer made numerous mistakes on our paperwork - even having the wrong purchase, and consequesntly quoting us a MUCH lower payment than what we are actually now paying. Our superintendent never returned phone calls or emails and was ignorant of basice contruction concepts. They approved and pushed through a home next door that goes over the easement requirements and is exactly the same floor plan as ours - even though we were assured that the same houses would never be built next to each other. The "custom" cabinets installed were of extreemely poor finish quality - showing bare wood on nearly every cabinet (they were supposed to be painted white). Ivory supposedly has a good reputation - but I never saw it once in our dealings with multiple employees. We have been met with apathy, incompetance, and shoddy work throughout the transaction, on practacally every level and avenue of building a home. The contract is written in such a way that they can do whatever they want and the buyer no recourse - unless you want to lose your entire down payment. I guess you only need a contract like that if you are in the habit of screwing people over, mistreating, and lying to your customers.

  2. In August 2011, Ivory Homes sold us a new home in their flagship Ivory Ridge development and failed to disclose that the home had a severe flooding problem in one of the basement window wells. The first flood happened sometime before we moved in, and the flooding continues to threaten the home until the present day because Ivory is not willing to fix the flooding unless we sign legal waivers and confidentiality agreements that prevent us from warning the good people of Utah how unsettling our experience has been with Ivory Homes.

    We are currently threatening a lawsuit against Ivory Homes and its principals for fraudulent non-disclosure, arising from the flood that they did not disclose to us prior to our purchase, and negligent non-disclosure, arising from the black mold left behind in our brand new home. Of course, we are also suing to force Ivory to honor its warranty and fix the core of the problem. Ivory would do nothing unless we threatened legal action.

    Our experience does not stand alone. Talk to people before you buy from Ivory Homes. Ivory is good about fixing little problems like paint and minor drywall issues, but when it comes to bigger more expensive defects, homeowners will tell you that they are often sent to Ivory's legal counsel at Kirton McConkie who bully the homeowner into believing that Ivory is the victim and the homeowner is the aggressor. Ivory Homes is a marketing company with a huge and expensive legal force behind them to stop people like me from complaining publicly. Do not fall for Ivory's pretty homes. Beware that Ivory's attorneys -- not Ivory the homebuilder -- stand behind Ivory products. You will quickly find yourself in a legal battle if you buy from Ivory and discover a material defect in your home, as we did and still are after 18 months. Does this sound like the "Love Matters" slogan Ivory uses in its commercials? Believe me, it's not.

  3. I feel violated after purchasing an Ivory Home. Low quality / high price. Love the lot. Hate the house and price associated with it. Absolutely VIOLATED!!! Now I know how rape victims feel.

  4. I feel your pain. They build great model homes, but after they get your signature on the contract it's all down hill. I brought issue after issue to the sales agent only to be totally ignored, or told "you're the fussiest customer I have ever dealt with". They throw your home up as fast as possible, without any supervision over the subs, then play a guessing game with you to see if you can find the faults or if you will simply accept it the way it is. When you point faults out they tell you, "that happens in all houses", "that's normal cracking", "that's just the way it is". They are profit driven not quality driven. A friend of mine told me I would be in the house up-side down the day I singed the papers. He was so right! If only he would have told me that before I signed their contract. Run! Tommy Run!


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