Take It From Me: Freebies and Deals for Saturday 4/9

April 9, 2011

Freebies and Deals for Saturday 4/9

Man it has been raining and snowing for 3 days straight at my house and it's getting me a little down.  Weekends are usually my favorite because I get to run errands with the hubby and kids, find fun things to do, etc.  But who wants to go out when the weather is so bad?  We actually have been going to a bunch of doctor's appointments and even then, everytime we went from the car to the building we were all completely soaked!!  Why I even bother to do my hair is a mystery to me!

Anyways, let's bring a little "sunshine" into our lives with
The Freebies and Deals of the Day:
This means you can buy a small $1.00 lip balm or something and get a $5 Travel Size Item of your choice--what a steal!!
Just PRINT OUT THIS COUPON and take it to your nearest Bath & Body Works Store
OR use code 3785 Online at Checkout!!

You can also get a
(Gives you the option of dowloading it or ordering it!)

Lastly, I just found some an
With HOT DEALS like their
Plus, a ton of Car Seats & MORE!!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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