Take It From Me: Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow Review & COUPON CODE

March 29, 2011

Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow Review & COUPON CODE

Utterly Yours has two amazing mom-invented products that are perfect for mommies!  Their unique pregnancy pillows and breast pillows will give you support all the way from pregnancy through nursing!
During my pregnancies, support is vital!! Without any support, I know I will not be getting a good night’s sleep. The Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow is designed to support your growing belly, help take pressure off your back, and accommodate you and your baby in the most comfortable way possible! The revolutionary cubic design opens to form two triangles with a band in the middle. There is memory foam on one triangle that conforms to your belly, and the other triangle is made of higher density foam which supports the back!  The Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow is also a great replacement to those other huge, bulky pregnancy pillows because takes up very little space and can be easily stored back to its discreet cube position when not in use.
I was so thrilled when I had the opportunity to try out my own Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow to see just how good it was. The pillows come in a variety of gorgeous fabrics and I chose the “Star Paisley Pink Coral and Brown” option because of its vivid colors and eye-catching fabric design. Now, I usually sleep with about 7-10 pillows in bed with me. No lie! I have several pillows to elevate me (especially towards the end of my pregnancies) and alleviate heartburn, a body pillow, AND I had been using a pregnancy wedge for my belly. I had definitely seen problems arise by having this many pillows in bed with me and my pregnancy wedge belly pillow was not giving me the support I needed anymore because of it is pretty much a ruined tiny, flat pillow that is done or because I used it with my last pregnancy. Needless to say, I was very excited to get rid of multiple pillows in exchange for this Utterly Yours one!!
When I first got the pillow, I made sure to become familiar with the directions provided so that I felt confident I was taking full advantage of what the pillow offers. The directions were very easy to follow and the pictures were a big help.
During the first few uses with the pillow, I was a little worried that maybe I had chosen the wrong size. I followed the sizing chart provided on the website, but thought that there was too much band space between the two triangles. Once I read how the fabric band is meant to accommodate women as their bodies grow throughout their pregnancy and that it is very easy to simply adjust the triangles closer together once you are laying down, I felt good that this was a versatile product. It can be used from the beginning of your pregnancy and continue to comfort and support you until the end! The memory foam that supports my belly is very relaxing and supportive, and the harder more dense side is great for my back!
All in all, the benefits of the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow are great (from their website):
- Proven to reduce back pain
- Keeps you securely on your side - the optimal prenatal sleep position suggested by doctors
- Incredibly compact - small enough for travel
- Chic & stylish with beautiful, easy to care for fabric options
- Comfort, compact & ease of use in one revolutionary design
- Made With Eco-Friendly Memory Foam
Utterly Yours also has a great post-pregnancy product, their Breast Pillow! It was specially designed by a mom to make nursing a much simpler and a hands-free process. I am an avid breast feeding advocate, so finding a product specifically designed to help nursing women was great!! I know that breast feedig can be a very tiresome and frustrating activity at times, and the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is awesome because it provides the most comfortable breast support and optimal breast position for nursing!
I don’t know of any other product out there that is specifically geared toward breast support for nursing, so this product was very interesting to learn about. With the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow, nursing moms are able to relax and focus on their baby, or enjoy another activity with the use of their free hands.
The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow Benefits are (from their website):
- Lifts and Supports
- Holds breast in position for hands-free nursing
- Easy to care for and easy to use
- Comfortable against the skin
- Incredibly compact - small enough to take with you
- Cover is machine washable
- Made With Eco-Friendly Memory Foam
Both of these products are great for mommies!!

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  1. I also use this pillow during the pregnancy when i sleep in night i use this and its really comfortable and i sleep with out any fair thanks for share it pregnancy pillow .

  2. The revolutionary cubic design opens to form two triangles with a band in the middle. There is memory foam on one triangle that conforms to your belly, and the other triangle is made of higher density foam which supports the back!
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