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March 8, 2011

Tidy Books Review

Children's Bookcases, Storage and Bedroom Furniture
Tidy Books will transform your child's bedroom into an organized, lovable living space. 
How the Tidy Books story began:
"The Tidy Books story began when I was looking for a bookcase for my young daughter Adele, and I found I just couldn't buy the bookcase I had in mind.  I wanted a practical, compact bookcase that would be easy for her to use independently, and that would show the books' front covers."
We had the delight of reviewing one of Tidy Books' Bookcases in pink.  If you are thinking of purchasing a bookcase, this is the one you need to buy...WOW!  We have used this bookcase for a little over three months and we love it! It is large enough to hold numerous books, and it is only 7cm in depth, so it saves us a lot of space!  The panels are reversible so you can turn them over for a whole new look without the cute letters, if your child outgrows them, or you just want a change.  Mya is only two, so the alphabet on the bookcase has really helped her learn her letters.  Just the other day I took Mya to the doctors, and on the way there she pointed to a sign and said, "Mama, look, ABC's!"
The Tidy Books Bookcase was incredibly easy to assemble! I put the bookcase together when my children were asleep, which I would highly recommend because there are a lot of small screws that could get lost.  It took be about a 1/2 hour to put it together, then about 10 min the next day, to mount it to the wall.
Our old bookcase looked like this. It may look nice and organized, but this only lasted minutes.  It was hard for my daughter to choose the book she wanted to read because she couldn't see the front covers, plus they were tightly in place, making it difficult to grab.
She then would start pulling the books off the shelf only to have them ALL fall down.  AHHH! I can't tell you how many hours I've spent cleaning up her books.
At the end of the day this is what they looked like.

With Tidy Books, all of my daughter's books are organized, and she loves being able to see the covers to her books! It has really made reading fun because she can do it all by herself. She absolutely loves sitting on her stool and reading her favorite books to her sister, and of course Elmo, Big Bird and Ernie!
Buy It!
Purchase a Tidy Books Bookcase for $199!

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