Take It From Me: Belly Amor REVIEW

February 15, 2011

Belly Amor REVIEW

When expecting a baby, you are constantly worrying about how your actions and the environment may be impacting your growing child. Being that I am currently expecting my third child, I am always using precautions to insure my baby is being protected as best as I can.
As a mommy blogger, you can probably guess that I spend a lot of time on my laptop each day. When I found out that everyday radiation through common devices such as computers, cell phones, etc., may be harmful to children even in the womb, I was happy to see Belly Armor providing women with simple ways to protect themselves and their children.
Belly Armor offers wonderful convenient to use products to help families protect their children against the harmful effects of everyday radiation. Belly Armor is also a fantastic resource of the latest information on the health risks of radiation for expecting mothers. With the help of their RadiaShield Technologies, they are able to research, develop, and design technologies that shield against electromagnetic radiation. Their products include (some product information was taken from website):
Their blankets come in your choice of high quality baby-soft cotton or luxurious cotton micro-fleece and satin. Combined together with the special RadiaShield fabric, this blanket is a convenient and unobtrusive way to protect your child within against the risks of everyday radiation. The blankets are easily portable in your handbag and ideal for both the home and the office.
With Belly Bands, you can protect your baby from everyday radiation during your pregnancy, while complementing any outfit. A maternity essential, the flattering Belly Band feels like second skin. By wearing the Belly Band with its RadiaShield protection you can go about your day freely and stylishly with great peace of mind.
Expecting mothers can wear these t-shirts as basic tops or undershirts for all-day protection as you go about your daily activities. Lightweight and breathable, this cotton/spandex blend has a mid-section lined with RadiaShield fabric to give you mobile protection from everyday radiation. The Belly Tee is so comfortable and convenient it would become your favorite t-shirt even if it weren’t helping protect your child within.
I had the opportunity to try out a Cream Belly Armor Tee and really loved it! The shirt fits great and is unbelievably comfortable. The RadiaShield fabric sewn inside is super light and a whole lot better than lugging around one of those radiation protective aprons you find at your dentist! To insure that the tee was working I tried out Belly Armor’s cell phone test and guess what… it worked! The Belly Armor Tee is great to lounge in, for going out and about, and great to wear while I blog! It’s definitely something that I am glad to have during my pregnancy!
Make sure you stop by Belly Armor’s website to browse through their products and purchase protective wear!
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