Take It From Me: Zipfy Review

January 11, 2011

Zipfy Review

With Winter in full bloom, you and your kids might be getting tired of spending lots of time indoors. What better way to encourage some outside time than with one of my favorite Winter activities- sledding! Zipfy brings a whole new excitement to sledding with their louge-style sleds!
Zipfy (pronounced zip’fee) is a uniquely designed louge-style snow sled that has a lever used for stability and turning. The Zipfy’s great lightweight and compact design allow for easy transport and handling- making them easier to carry and lug back up the snow hills.
We had the opportunity to receive a Zipfy and have loved using it with the entire family! It was so nice gathering with a ton of family and with kids of all ages around the holidays to try out our Zipfy for the first time! The Zipfy is truly a sled for all ages! We were so impressed with its performance and all of the exhilarating rides we got to experience with the product!
Although it may look a little intimidating and even scary to some, the Zipfy is actually incredibly safe and easy to ride. You just sit on the seat, put your legs straight with your feet forward, hold on to the handle, and you are ready to go! The handle allows you to maneuver and steer and carve down the slopes as you lean to one side or the other. To stop you just simply drop your heels to slow down or come to a complete stop.
Everyone had a blast taking their turn using the Zipfy. Children, teens, and adults can all join in on the fun! The Zipfy is such a fun sled and makes for some thrilling sledding! Even my young children, under supervision, get some great fun with the product.
So if you love to play in the snow and want to enjoy some exciting family fun, the Zipfy is the item for you! (Recommended ages 5 & up with a weigth capacity of 250lbs)
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  1. My kids got these for Christmas and are so excited to try them out tomorrow.


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