Take It From Me: Love Book Online Giveaway Going LIVE

January 29, 2011

Love Book Online Giveaway Going LIVE

Today is the last day to enter the Love Book Online Giveaway and guess what.... it's going LIVE!!!!
That means that AFTER completing the Mandatory Entry, you can go back and enter as many times as you want to increase your chances of winning! 
Here is the deal.... for your Extra Entries we want you to come up with as many ideas for pages in your Love Book
For example, one of my pages I created was "I love how persistant you are...especially when it comes to golfing."  Or this one shown below- "I love that you appreciate my cooking even though I'm still learning."
Hurry over to the Love Book Online Giveaway, Complete the Mandatory Entry, and then all day today enter as many page ideas as you can for your love book for Extra Entries.

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