Take It From Me: Uncle Milton Toys Review

December 14, 2010

Uncle Milton Toys Review

Looking for some creative gifts for your boys? Well, Uncle Milton has some toys that your boys and even girls just might really love! 
I had the opportunity to review a few items and here is what I thought about the items…
First, I got not one, but 2 of Uncle Milton’s new sound activated tarantulas from their Tarantula Planet series of toys. AHHH!!! These fun spiders scurry across the floor and have other creepily fun aspects. There are four different tarantulas- all with their own personalities and features. We got Spike “The Rocker” who came with a removable Mohawk, light up eyes, and spikey bracelets and Octane “The Racer” who had a removable engine and light up eyes as well. The two other tarantulas are Red Beard “The Pirate” and Tango “The Soldier.” My kids loved clapping, tapping on the floor, and making noises to get the spiders to move. The only thing I wish was that the tarantulas only went in one direction. I wish they would turn when they ran into items because my kids had to move them quite a bit. I think these are great for kids who love spiders, nature, and freaking out their moms! Lol. Recommended for kids ages 5 and up.
The next item we got was the STAR WARS Science: RemoteContolled Lightsaber Room Light. I have to say that this is such a great product for little boys who love STAR WARS! It is a remote control lightsaber that attaches to a wall and is controlled by remote or by pressing its buttons. There are eight different color effects, an auto-spectrum mode, and cool lightsaber sound effects. Any young Jedi’s dream, we found the lightsaber to be very fun and enjoyed seeing it light up the room! It was super easy to put together and the kids got to help out a lot with making it. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.
Lastly, we also got to try out the STAR WARS Science: Death Star Planetarium. This super cool planetary projector sits on a table and projects the stars and cosmos onto your bedroom ceiling. I liked that it had the option of viewing the STAR WARS galaxy or the Earth’s night sky. My kids were completely wowed by the sight and loved pointing to all of the neat stars. We only wish it were bigger so that it could illuminate more of the room and that the stand had some rubber grips to hold the ball more steady. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up.
Overall, we were happy with all of the toys Uncle Milton sent us. Uncle Milton has a ton of other great products worth checking out- especially if your kids are into things like STAR WARS and Science! And, with the holidays quickly approaching- now is your chance to spoil them with some great gifts!
We are not compensated for our reviews. We receive product(s) for free so we can provide our experience. These are our honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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