Take It From Me: How to Enter Giveaways

March 20, 2010

How to Enter Giveaways

Well I decided to put a little "Giveaway Entry How To" together for all those newcomers and people entering giveaways for the first time.  I know when I entered my first giveaway I had no clue what I was doing. 
So here is my little tutorial on how to enter our giveaways:

Every Giveaway has their own post.  In the post it will tell what is being given away underneath the words "Win It".  In order to enter the giveaway you must first complete the "Mandatory Entry" which usually involves visiting the sponsoring company's website and then comming back and commenting on something. 

To make an entry go to the bottom of the post and click on the "Comments" button.
This will bring up a separate window for entering your comment.
Type in the answer to the Mandatory Entry in the space provided.  Be sure to leave your email address underneath your comment or have your email available on your profile (this is for contacting you of your winnings).  I highly suggest that people use the following format to leave their email addresses so that spammers cannot use them: {this is a made up example and not my actual email address} kristin(at)gmail(dot)com. Or something similar to the effect.
You will then notice an area called "Choose An Identity".  You can use your Google Account/Blogger Profile, Open ID, Name or URL address, or leave your comment Anonymously.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A BLOG OR GMAIL ACCOUNT TO ENTER OUR GIVEAWAYS.  I suggest if you do not have a Google Account, to use the "Name/URL Address" option and type your first name and last initial.  Such as "Kristin W."

You can then publish your comment or even preview it first by clicking the buttons at the bottom.

Now that you have completed the Mandatory Entry, feel free to leave more comments for completing any of the options listed under the "Earn Extra Entries" on the specific giveaway post.  If something is worth more than 1 entry for example "2 Entries: Add our button to your blog" than leave 2 SEPARATE comments like "Added your button to my blog entry#1" as one comment and "Added your button to my blog entry #2" as another comment.  (or something to that affect).  The more entries completely, the more chances you have at winning the giveaway.
Also please note that if you have already become a follower, email subscriber, added our button, etc. that you may still use those as extra entries for EVERY giveaway you enter as they would apply to each one!

Hope that helps and welcome newbies to the wonderful world of blog giveaways! 


  1. I cannot wait till for the event to start :) What a great explanation for those who are new to blogs.
    I put a link to it on my blog for anyone who may need a through lesson on entering a give away.

  2. I'm a newbie and looking forward to this!
    tlappfamily5 at aol dot com

  3. looking forward to it! i am new at this stuff

  4. I hope I can win any of the prizes!!!

  5. SZ (aka sz11401)

    I'm a newbie at this blogging posting thingy.

    I have a few of the banners and I absolutely LOVE them. I wish I could be so creative.

    Thanks so much!
    Fingers crossed to winning a prize.

  6. Misty Collins-
    I am new at this, but I love your site! I ordered a pillowcase dress for my kindergartner for Wild Western Wednesday and it was perfect! I look forward to winning a prize!

  7. all of this was so helpful. Especailly the part about the email address, I didn't know that. I've kinda been winging it by what I see other people do! Thanks for this great bit of info.....!


  8. I love these giveaways and hope I win one soon. The Judson shoes from Puddle and Bugs ar so adorable. lvs2fsh@hotmail.com

  9. hi i dont now if the giveaways is true but im goint to ry it hope i have luck

  10. We love the band and your music


  11. I run a blog too and a company wants me to write review on their product. Do you get a fee exept of the product they send you ?

  12. Im new to all of this. But I now have three men living in my house (husband, teen age son, and baby brother -26). SSo, I found some of this and some of that blog and I AM HOOKED! I spent most of day couponing, and clipping coupons, and she mentioned this grinder. O my heavens I have to do this. My husband and I have been on Chiro-HCG for 3 weeks now, and the other two have got to start eating better. So here we go!!!!
    Why wait for New Years to do something new.

    joyjamiebrady (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. I highly suggest that people use the following format dissertationplanet.com to leave their email addresses so that spammers cannot use them.


Thank you for commenting. For giveaways please make sure we have a way of contacting you by either leaving your email or having it available in your profile. Good luck! :0)

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