Take It From Me: About Us

January 1, 2009

About Us

Take It From Me was founded by two stay-at-home moms wanting to share their incredible finds and product reviews with other parents.
We feel that parents deserve honest opinions on products for their families... And that's just what we do. If we use a product and love it, we'll rave about it. If we use something and don't like it or think there is room for improvement, you'll hear all about it as well.

Kristin (Founder/Blogger)
My name is Kristin.  I am wife, blogger, and stay-at-home mom to four beautiful children.  My oldest is a rambunctious 7-year-old girl who loves crafting and imaginative play, then I have an energetic 5-year-old boy who is truly all boy to the core, next is my darling 3-year-old girl with tons of creativity, and finally a baby boy who I'm completely smitten with.  Being a mom is the best job ever!  In school I studied childhood development and health science which has led me to be extra conscious in my kids' lives.  I have always been driven in the business field and have had many opportunities to expand my business skills through some great job opportunities and influential business-driven parents!  I love finding new and innovative products to make life easier for parents!  I am known for researching products before buying them and telling others about all of the great products I find.    I would love to review your products and help tell others about them!!  Feel free to contact me through E-MAIL at  kristin@takeitfrom-me.com  You can find my reviews, giveaways, and posts by clicking here

Jaime (Co-Founder/Blogger)
Hi, I'm Jaime and I am a stay-at-home mom, a wife and a blogger!
I have a 5-year-old daughter who loves to clean, bake, play games and is the most adorable "mini" mom! I also have a 4-year-old daughter who is my explorer, artist and actress as she dresses up and dances around our house in pretty outfits and tiaras! I also have a 2-year-old boy who is nothing but delight, always smiling and always having a great time! Lastly, I have a 3 month baby girl, who loves to eat and sleep! I have a BS in Elementary Education and enjoy reviewing educational products with my kids! I delight in finding green products and believe that we can have the best of both worlds as we go back to the basics in our daily living. I am also obsessed with eating "clean" foods and creating delicious, yet healthy meals for my husband and kids! I would love to review your product, so please EMAIL me at jaime@takeitfrom-me.com

Rachael (Blogger)

Hey there! I'm Rachael. I am a wife, mommy, singer and BLOGGER! I absolutely love reviewing fantastic products. Some things I specifically enjoy reviewing are products meant to encourage family fun time and foods that are organic and/or vegan, I also thoroughly enjoy testing beauty products - especially if they are cruelty free and I am obsessed with any darling baby girl products for my little sweet angel. If you have any questions for me about advertising your company with our blog or if you have a product that you would like me to review please feel free to contact me at rachael@takeitfrom-me.com. You can view all reviews I have written by clicking HERE.

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