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March 3, 2015

Techno Gears Marble Mania Galaxy 2.0 Construction Set by The Learning Journey International {Review}

Isn't it the nicest feeling in the world when your kids are playing quietly with one another and are actually quiet!

There have been numerous occasions when the house has been a little too quiet and I've gone to check on my kids worried to find them in some sort of trouble, but have found them nicely playing together with their Marble Mania Galaxy Construction Set by The Learning Journey International.

There is something very intriguing about marble tracks, so when I saw that they were selling them at my local Costco, I had to get one to show you just how awesome they are!

We received the Galaxy and got to work the minute we got it. This particular set is for ages 8+, so my husband and I were the ones who put it together–with a little help from our kids or course! This set estimated six hours from start to finish. Being Lego fans, this was a lot of fun for us as we built a little each day. It was also fun to see the track come together and to know that we built it together. We found the instructions were very clear and made very few errors while building it.

On the last night my husband and I decided to finish it while the kids were sleeping, and boy were they excited to find it complete the next morning. 

The Galaxy Marble Maze has glow in the dark tracks, a battery operated marble launcher with space-like sound effects and blinking lights. 

It's also a great toy for more than one kid at a time. We've had four kids playing with it at the same time and they all got to participate because there is so much to do on it.

This Techno Gears Marble Mania Galaxy 2.0 Construction Set is the perfect gift for any child who loves hands on projects. 

Visit The Learning Journey International and make sure to check out their constructive play products. 

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February 28, 2015

Goodbye Gross: Hello Drain Wig {Review & Giveaway}

You know those things that you absolutely HATE doing---cleaning the toilet, unclogging drains, etc.???  Well once in a while someone (who probably has the same feelings about those tasks as you) comes up with genius products to help make them a little less gross.  Enter the DrainWig!  The DrainWig is a clever tool to help you unclog those nasty drains by catching the hair and allowing you to dispose of the yucky mess.
I'll admit it, I've got A LOT of hair.  Not only is my hair super long, I've been shedding lots of it due to all of my crazy hormonal changes since I had my baby.  This means our shower and tub drains are getting clogged a lot more than usual.  The process of unclogging the drains makes me sick.  In all fairness it's usually a combined effort between my husband and I to get it done (yes, that's how much I hate it).  So when I saw the simple, yet amazing design of the DrainWig I was very intrigued.  I got right to installing them in our home.
Using them is easy, all you have to do it thread the DrainWig down your drain with the flower piece laying on top of your drain cover.  Once everything is in place, you just leave it for two to four months.  Then simply remove the drain wig with all of the nasty hair it has caught on it and throw it out.  Replace it with a new one and you are good to go again.  No more spending time fishing out all of the nastiness in your drain, no more dredging and digging, no more pouring copious amounts of harmful chemicals down your pipes, no more fuss!  The DrainWig is simple, effective, and a huge perk for a busy home!
The DrainWig will help you save time, money, hassle, and drain damage (we all know how expensive plumbers can be).  The product also comes with a 100 percent, satisfaction or your money-back three-month guarantee and you can get four DrainWigs for the low price of just $19.95 with free processing and handling.
Say goodbye to nasty clogged drains and hello to the amazing DrainWig!
Use the coupon code “FIZZ5” to take $5 OFF your order at check out!! (WOW That's a good coupon!)

We are giving away A SET OF DRAIN WIGS (comes with 4 in it) to one of our lucky readers!!
A big THANK YOU to DrainWig for providing me with free product to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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February 24, 2015

February 17, 2015

Pampers Firsts {Review & $100 Prize Pack Giveaway}

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

My daughter just turned 6 last week and being our first child, there are so many wonderful "firsts" that I can recall and that have been instilled in my memory forever. I remember the very first diaper change and how fragile she was – I thought I was going to break her little bones by just lifting up her tiny little legs.

I have four children now, and I have to admit the "firsts" moments just keep getting better and better. Being able to watch my older kids get so excited over their little sister's first wave or the first time she crawled is simply priceless.

Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals in North America and the first diaper worn by millions of babies. Pampers is grateful to be able to share these precious moments with parents that they created a video, "A Newborn Journey of Firsts" to honor these special experiences.

I teared up a little when watching Pampers new video "A Newborn Journey of Firsts." The emotions that come with the birth of a child are incredible. I have gone through such a huge transformation from the journey I have had with each child, it has truly been a blessing to me.

Pampers Swaddlers have been such a big part of our lives I am excited to announce that they are now available through size 6! 

Pampers Swaddlers Features:
· Pampers Swaddlers wraps baby with superior comfort, protection and blanket-like softness, helping to    take care of babies during all the precious first moments they share with their parents.
· Pampers Swaddlers is Pampers softest diaper and offers up to 12 hours of overnight protection.
· Color changing wetness indicator that signals when baby may need to be changed.
· Absorb Away Liner® to pull wetness and mess away from babies’ skin.
· Pampers Swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals in North America!

Come join the Twitter party! 
RSVP, using this LINK and follow the hosts @DoubleDutyDivas, @BridgetteLA, @CeceliaMecca, @AngieKcom @WhatMommiesNeed @RamblingChick, and our sponsor @Pampers.

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Purex PowerShot {Review & Giveaway}

Remember when I told you about Purex coming out with their super cool PowerShot Detergent?  Well it is officially here and I've been using it in my home!!
I truly love Purex.  They are such a consumer-friendly company who takes the wants and needs of families into consideration as they constantly strive to help us with all of our laundry woes.  The new Purex PowerShot detergent allows you to simplify your laundry routine and cut down some time as it automatically dispenses the right amount of concentrate formula detergent without you having to measure of eyeball those hard-to-see lines.

The Purex PowerShot is super easy to use.  All you do is open the cap, flip the bottle upside down, and the dose is delivered.  Flip the bottle back upright and it refills the next dose for you for your next load.  The auto-dosing technology is my dream come true.  There is no waste and no hassle.
Purex is also holding a super cool PowerShot sweepstakes where you can win a new washer and dryer as well as free detergent!

Purex is giving away A COUPON FOR A FREE BOTTLE OF PUREX POWERSHOT DETERGENT to THREE of our lucky readers!!
A big THANK YOU to Purex for providing me with a free bottle of detergent to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

K2R Universal Cell Phone Car Mount {Review}

As a mom, I have to say that a lot of my time is spent in the car.  Running errands, taking kids to and from school, going on outings with my family, etc.  Being that I am in my vehicle so much, I made sure to get one that had Bluetooth and other great perks to make it easier and safer to drive.  Having my phone mounted safely where I can see it and use it with all of the great Bluetooth abilities is key.  Which is why I was excited to receive the opportunity to review the K2R Universal Cell Phone Car Mount.
The K2R Universal Cell Phone Car Mount is such a simple, yet awesome product. It uses a suction cup base to grip to your dashboard or windshield.  Installation is a cinch and takes merely minutes.  The holder also has these unique adjustable arms so that it can safely and securely hold a variety of different sized phones.  This was especially good for me as I use a Samsung Galaxy s5, which is significantly different from an iphone.  You can also rotate your phone 360° to allow you to view your phone at many different angles.
Using the K2R Universal Cell Phone Car Mount provides you the comfort of using your cell phone with comfort and ease while you drive.  Using it in my vehicle has been great and I really enjoy being able to drive so much safer with it.
A big THANK YOU to K2R for providing me with a free cell phone mount to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia {Review}

Once in a while during our morning TV time when I am making breakfast, my youngest daughter chooses Sofia the First to watch on Disney Junior.  I'll be honest, you can find me watching along as I prepare breakfast and thoroughly enjoying the show.  There is just something about that cute little girl and what an adorable little princess she is.  When we got the Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVD, I knew my three year old would like it.  What I didn't know is how much she would like it.  After watching it, she pretty much requested to watch it or only watch Sofia the First on Disney Junior for several several days after.  Who could blame her though?  The new Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVD is packed full of the merriest adventures and has a special appearance by princess Aurora too.
This is Sofia's first Winter Holiday in the castle with her new family, but when King Roland goes missing in a raging snowstorm, Sofia leads her mother, Amber and James on a brave expedition aboard a flying sleigh to find him. As the blizzard whirls around them, their hopes are nearly dashed -- until Princess Aurora appears and reminds Sofia that her animal friends might hold the key to finding her dad and reuniting the family. Sparkling with festive fun -- plus four additional song-filled episodes -- HOLIDAY IN ENCHANCIA celebrates the greatest gift of all: spending special days with the people you love!
The DVD contains five fun-filled episodes: 1. Holiday in Enchancia - King Roland can't get home in time for the Wassailia holidays. Princess Aurora makes an appearance. 2. Baileywick's Day Off - Baileywick's brother Nigel is in town to celebrate Baileywick's Birthday. 3. The Little Witch - A lonely young witch named Lucinda is hexing the village children. 4. The Baker King - King Roland makes a wish for a simple life as a village baker. 5. Four's A Crowd - Sofia is jealous of Jade and Ruby's friendship with Amber.
My kids really enjoyed the DVD and my three-year-old is especially smitten.  Sofia fan for life now I guess!

The Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia DVD is available nationwide NOW!
A big THANK YOU to Disney for providing me with a free Sofia DVD to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro League {App & Giveaway}

LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro League is now available on Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack!

Batman has joined the newly formed Justice League in order to keep tabs on Superman, a mistrust that is complicated by Superman’s clumsy – but well-meaning – clone, Bizarro. Bizarro’s creation of the Bizarro League has caused confusion amongst the world’s greatest Super Heroes, but an even greater and mysterious threat may force the Justice League and Bizarro League to band together to defeat evil.

So which league will you back?  Are you a good guy or do you secretly want to be on the bad guys' team?  Check out this cool Bizarro Name Generator which tells us the name of your Bizarro alter-ego:

Also check out these cool digital trading cards

The WB is giving away A LEGO JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. BIZARRO LEAGUE COMBO PACK to one of our lucky readers!!
A big THANK YOU to the WB for providing this app & giveaway. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

Girl Talk: It's good to RepHresh {Review}

It's time to get a little candid and talk about our bodies.  So many women struggle with vaginal issues.  We all strive to be healthy so why would we ignore one of our most important body parts?  Yes, it may be a little scary to talk about, but let's break down those barriers and talk about a simple little product that can make a huge difference- RepHresh.
RepHresh is a vaginal gel that works with your body to maintain a healthy internal vaginal pH and eliminate odor.  One application will continue to maintain healthy pH for 3 days.  RepHresh also eliminates vaginal odor--instead of just covering it up--by going to the source.  It fixes the cause of the odor instead of trying to mask your problem with other scents.  RepHresh gives you a fresh, clean, healthy way of taking care of your body without any embarrassment or worry.
RepHresh is great to use after your period, before or after sexual intercourse, or for anytime freshness.  I always feel a little yucky after my period so having a little "RepHresh"ment is definitely a plus!  And the fact that one application is good for 3 days, makes things super easy and convenient.
So enough hiding from embarrassment--get healthy and RepHresh-ed!
Visit the RepHresh website HERE to learn more about the product and how you can get it!
Stay Connected with RepHresh on Facebook and Twitter
A big THANK YOU to RepHresh and Smiley 360 for providing me with a free product to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

February 16, 2015

Doctor On Demand {Review & Coupon Code} #FeelBetter

Disclosure: I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Doctor On Demand. I received a free trial coupon code to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
dod logo large (3)

When I was pregnant and breastfeeding I often had questions for my doctor, but I felt that they were not always urgent enough to make an appointment to see my doctor. Doctor On Demand is a new healthcare service that can be downloaded on your smartphone, tablet or computer and provides you with 15-minute Video Visits with a board certified physician, psychologists, and lactation consultants all from the comfort of your own home!


The first visit is FREE with the unique coupon code: TAKE15. A 15 minute Medical & Pediatrics visit is $40 and 25-minute Psychologist session is $50. No insurance is needed and your insurance provider will not be contacted by Doctor On Demand. (You will need to input your credit card information; however, you will not be charged for your first visit and there are no monthly service fees.)

[Image 1] Psych patient

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